We are the buschfinks. DON'T KILL THE BIRD!

About US

So what’s the story with Team Buschfink Racing? Why did we come up with the “Buschfink” name?

Me and Chris have been racing since 2010. We have become really good friends although we have never met in real life. We talk to eachother every day in some way. We started racing togheter in Gran Turismo 5. I created a site called GTForum.eu after some of us were kicked out of GTPlanet (they are assholes sometimes). After a while we created a series called Euro GT500 Championship which had a lot of participants. After some of us got a little bit tired with GT5 we both headed to iRacing instead. We have been on iRacing for a very long time now and been trying to find the most fun series. We are currently racing in the GT3 Challenge Series. Chris also races in the RUF Cup which is as accurate as it gets to his real life racing carrer in Porsche Carrera Cup. Well what about the Buschfink? One day we decided to go Nascar for a while. And for some reason we hung up on people with fun names. Into the room comes this guy named Baba Buschfink (it’s a bird Chaffinch). We couldn’t stop laughing (mean I know). And since that we decided to go with Buschfink Racing. We also decided on making really ugly skins for the cars. Placing the bird on every side of the car and adding the text: DO NOT KILL THE BIRD! Or in Chris’s case MIND THE BIRD!. So if you see a car with a bird on it. DO NOT HIT IT!!! See you on the racetrack.



Rickard Allardh
Been into racing games since Test Drive 2 on Amiga 500. Went into Grand Prix Legends, GT Legends. SimBin did some awesome games which I still race sometimes. Now it’s only iRacing. Been driving a couple of trackdays with my Mondeo ST220 -06 (sold now).
Christopher Zoechling
Professional race car driver competing 2015 in German Porsche Carrera Cup (Konrad Motorsport)
Joachim Ljunggren
Born and raised in southern Sweden. Always liked to draw and paint. Got an Atari 2600 when I was seven. Amazed by the games and graphics. At christmas 1981(?) I got my first computer, a Texas TI-99/4A, used that to draw crude blocky pictures. A couple of years later I got my dream computer, the C64. Drawed and painted on that one a lot. Got into demo groups such as Triad and Fairlight. Made graphics and design for two games that got released on the C64. Started working at MTV Produktion in Gothenburg in 1996 and did a lot of broadcast TV graphics. Been working as a freelance in graphic design since 2004 doing TV and game graphics.
Craig A Williams
27 year old possible man, married with 4 awesome kids, grew up in a shitty town, left said shitty town to a better town, came back to shitty town, met my awesome wife, now continue to live in shitty town as a family. its not an overly interesting life story
Johan Hallberg
Eero Nömm
Racing games have always been my favourite, i cant play shooting games because i will get litrally sick. Started on Playstation with Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2. Did’nt have PS2 so when Gran Turismo 5 came out i boight it with PS3 and a week later i got DFGT, I played for months in Gran Turismo 5 mostly open lobbies until Max invited me to join the league that became EURO GT500. Once it slowly lost the interest years later? Can’t really remember but i decided to take on iRacing and never stopped. I dont play any other games.
Sam Katakouzinos
More like an about me; Doting Dad, Computer Geek.
Adam Terry
I’ll keep this about sim racing. Started playing all the way back on Microprose Grand Prix. Spent ages changing all the driver names to real life drivers. Would play for hours, used to love seeing if I could lap the whole field. Did Grand Prix 2 and 3 which were equally as awesome. Driver swapping with family and friends in the same race was fun seeing if we could get the car to the end. Never had the PC power to run Grand Prix 4. Stopped racing for many years until Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 with a controller. Started racing online when Gran Turismo 5 came along. Joined the GT500 league at GTForum.eu, really enjoyed the level of competition and was the first time I’d ever trusted the people I raced with to drive fair and proper. After a year or so I went looking for alternatives and found iRacing. Never looked back since. Spend most of my time in Hosted series. Had the best times in the British Sim Racers Touring Car Championship ‘BSRTC’ loving the fact that all racers were broadcast live. Never felt more like a real racing driver. Gave myself a 4 month break after completing 6 series of the BSRTC. Now back hoping to have some great times with Team Buschfink Racing.
Richard McLay
31 years old, engaged to be married in Poland (where the Fiancée is originally from) in September 2015. Was always a console gamer, playing the usual Forza, F1 and GRID. Only started iRacing back in January 2015. I’m not the biggest motorsports fan but there’s just something about iRacing that drew me in and now I am addicted, the future wife says so anyway. Done the odd karting but nothing serious.
Fredrik Neptun
Jonny Wermelin
Craig Parkes
Retired British Soldier, Co owner & Co founder of Customcombatgaming.com, Dad to 3, step dad to 2, pain in the backside to 1 (this is up for debate). Tried Motox Enduros Karting they either cost me way to much money or gave me to many injuries Been into digital racing since I can barely remember now fully fledged to iRacing
James King
Leeam Allardh
My dad started this team and I wanted to try iRacing. I might not be the fastest but at least I’m trying.
Daniel Page
Started playing games rather younge, first game was Command and Conquer Red Alert, Then i moved onto first person shooters and even when to big lan partys around the country (done quite well with the clan i was in) Once i moved in with the miss i had to tone down gaming until i come across racing games, Grand Truismo 5 was probably the first serious racing game i played. Beging of 2015 i decided to try iRacing and fell in love.
Mikael Engström
2 kids 6 and 8 yo and a wife… Living outside of Stockholm. Have been driving motorcycle between 1986-2014, the last one was a Yamaha R1… I had it from -02, changed it to a caravan -14 :)
Mika Eshuis
I’ve loved cars and racing for as long as I can remember got my first gaming console with NFSU2 and GT4 in 2004 and have been hooked on racing games ever since. Next to that I’m an avid hobby photographer and love music.
Jay Jay Rimmer
Been playing racing games since the very first colin mcrae rally an gran turismo came out on the original playstation, been a console gamer up until now but started racing on pc with a wheel around 12 months ago, been on an off iracing for around 12 months now but really starting to get into now an enjoying nearly every second off it.
Ben Warren
Born with a rare condition called Sacral Agenesis. Full-time wheelchair user, using a Roso F1 Wheel (G27 base) with progressive clutch paddles behind the wheel for throttle and brake. I have been sim racing since 2009, starting with F1 Challenge 99-02 before moving to rFactor. I’m a proud disabled sim racer, and no matter how fast or slow I may be, I do take pride in being able to race able-bodied sim racers to the best of my abilities.
Cody Hewitt
14, still in school and on Monday and Wednesday nights I go to the army Cadets and when I get the chance I’m on iRacing
Robert Roest
New to Simracing, but trying to get as fast as I can get
Jonas Blixt
Jamie-Lee Mayers
Got into F1 back in 99, which got me into motorsport as a whole and have watched a variety ever since. (F1, BTCC, MotoGP, WSBK, BSB, WRC, GP2, Indycar, among others). That also got me into gaming and I havent looked back. When Im not watching sports or playing games Im usually at work or training.
Coen Klopman
I started simracing with a keyboard and a crappy PC. Race07 was my first real simulator game. I loved that game. I Played it for 3 years.
Scott Brazier
David Fish
Heya, all. Catfish was my CB handle I was given by the driver that taught me how to drive an 18 wheeler in the early 90’s. Born, raised and living in Florida, I’m a 41 year old, married for 21 years, cigar smoking father of 2 terrorists for rent. Cheap. I’ll provide food. Just take them. Please… lols I started sim racing in 2000 with Ratbag’s Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars where I picked up the 12c on my nickname. That was always my sprint car number. I quickly moved to Papy’s N4, N2002 and N2003. The Project Wildfire T/A mod turned me on to road racing and Redline Development’s GTP gave me an enduring love for it. I spent a lot of time endurance racing with GTR, GTR2, Race07 and rFactor’s Enduracers mod. The VirtuaLM tracks made me very excited for the laser scanned accuracy of iRacing.I have been an iRacing customer since 2007 or 8, can’t remember. I was one of the first beta testers back when we ran those ugly, ungainly Firebird looking cars. I am proudly a member of the 100% club. Completely an iRacing fanboy, I prefer the intimacy and camaraderie of league racing.
Graham Sinclair
Console Racer came to PC Sim Racer and sucked been iRacing for about 3 years i am consistant but slow dont do many public races these days as prefer League Racing ie Mofo and CCR love F1 and rally but also a big Rugby Fan