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A friend of mine has a V8 Thundercar. This weekend he asked me if I could step in as his team boss. We are all rookies at this as it’s his first season racing a real racecar.

The car is constructed in the US but they are sold as kits which are then built in Sweden. There are 3 different bodies for the cars. Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger. We are racing in a Ford Mustang 2013. They weigh aprox. 1200kg and have a 500hp engine. All teams have the exact same chassis, fuel and amount of tires. The engine is not allowed to be changed in any way.

The race weekend started on Saturday at Falkenberg Raceway with free practice and with 2 new team members (me Rickard and a guy called Marcus) we were struggling a bit with everything to be honest. Butwe managed to get a quite good practice and managed to get the 13th fastest time (out of 18). In the Q we didn’t manage to get 1 single clean lap and we didn’t manage to drive as quick as we did in the practice.
Starting the first heat in the rain we managed to get up to 14th quite quickly (found really good settings). We got stuck behind 13th until he finally managed to “trick” him to a misstake into T1. Finished 13th = no points.
In the second race we went out to line up with the car setup for dry weather. When we arrived at line up the rain started pouring down. The entire pack was forced into the pits before the race started and we managed to change all 4 tires to wets and adjust the dampers to wet race 3rd quickest of them all!!!! Including all the top teams!!! 3 guys working on the car. We were so happy (We still had to start 2nd from last). This also made Christopher (not Zoechling) feel confident in the car. He was cheering loud when we pushed him back into the pit lane and he left for grid!

On the grid he got an AWESOME start and coming onto the start finish after the first lap he had got his way up to 10th from 17th. We were in the points. Next lap around he was 9th with 8th in reach. Lap 3 he was about to overtake 8th but he didn’t have speed enough so he stepped back ending up in 8th’s spray lost visibilty and missed the brakepoint by 10-15m. Since it was so wet he got his front left on the wet grass which resulted in him being a passenger instead of the driver, KABOOM into a tire wall at 85 mph and the race was over.
He was so both angry and sad when he came back into the pits. He apoligized to us and said NEXT TIME!!! “Feels so f……g sad when you guys did such a good job and we had the pace.”

Checking on the results 3 cars ahead of us got DQ’d for breaking the rules so if we would’ve made the race we would’ve most likely finished 5th or 4th.

We are looking forward to the next race weekend. We managed to find some improvements within the team that will make us more effecient and hopefully we find the pace next race as well. It’s held at the same track.

Some pictures from the weekend:

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